Hawaiian beach. Photo by Dan Plutchak

HONOLULU — About a third of businesses say they will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 tests for their customers, according to a new study.

The study by the Economic Research Organization at the University of Hawaii, published Monday, surveyed 884 businesses, with more than 95% of them located all over Oahu.

Among the key findings:

About 35% of businesses have already in place, or likely will require, proof of vaccine or a negative COVID-19 test from customers and clients.

However nearly half of businesses (48.5%) reported that they would not impose this requirement on their clients or customers.

Customer resistance, logistical feasibility, personal preferences, and perceived business disadvantages were the main reasons for businesses unwilling to impose this restriction, according to the report.

Most businesses and organizations report a large proportion of vaccinated employees. More than 80% of businesses in the survey report more than 80% of their employees have been fully vaccinated.

The largest businesses of 50 or more employees reported the lowest proportion of vaccinations at their workplaces.

About two-thirds (64.5%) of businesses reported that they already do, or likely will, require employees to be vaccinated, and 60.6% of businesses responded that they already do or likely will require unvaccinated employees to be regularly tested for COVID-19. 

Read the full report HERE.